Why should you choose a community pharmacy like DeGoler’s?

community pharm photo-2At DeGoler’s we don’t answer to anyone except you, our customer. We have no corporate quotas to meet, no political deals working in the background. Instead, we are more like you, and more like the grand tradition of mom-and-pop drug stores that came before us. We are all members of this greater Kansas City community. We are parents and children, we are coaches and friends, we are activists and volunteers, we are veterans, and we are advocates. More specifically, we are your advocates. DeGoler pharmacists represent you, whether that means consulting with you on your treatments, alerting your doctors to any medication concerns, or working with your insurance company to complete payment.

DeGoler is actively growing, but is small enough to retain the personal service you value so much. You’ll likely see the same handful of pharmacists and technicians at work each time you visit, and you’ll know us as well as we know you. We invite you to compare our care, and give us a try today!